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IHSA Nationals!

Congratulations to Claudia Easton and Kira Skaggs for winning their classes at the IHSA regionals horse show held at Biscuit Hill Farm. Congratulations to Kira for qualifying for Nationals at the Zone show at Mount Holyoke last weekend. We’re going to the IHSA nationals in Harrisburg, PA May 1-4!

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HOPBHF Regionals2012 Cropped

Off to IEA Zones!

The middle team won last weekend at Regionals held at Stoneleigh-Burnham. That means that they will be going on to …

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Girl Power!

Erin and Faye must have called each other this morning because they certainly coordinated their outfits. A couple of fashionistas, …

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Photo2 E1324332411579

Getting Closer……….

The addition is getting closer and closer to being done. Debbie Gilbert has singlehandedly painted every surface indoors and out …

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Today we had our Fall Amherst College/Biscuit Hill Farm IHSA horse show at the farm. Everything went really well, thanks …

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WNEPHA Champ Featured

WNE-PHA Finalists!

We had a great weekend at the 2011 WNE-PHA finals. Our mini medal riders, Sophie Margola and Sarah Ward were …

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Go Bailey and Tenczar!

Bailey and Tenczar showed in a very fun class at the Putnam Boston Classic last week. It was a $10,000 …

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Awake Featured

It’s All Over

Camp 2011 is over! And, as you can see, we took these two happy children who were dropped off in …

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Sunday Lesson

Sunday Lessons

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] Here’s a little clip …

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Photo E1308007818467

Kitty Love?

Here are coco and her brother, Tiger hugging. Litter mates are so cute together, even as they get older.

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  Here is little coco, the smallest kitty we have ever had at the farm. She and her brother have …

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