Boarding & Lessons

Biscuit Hill has a strong commitment to daily turn-out. Many boarders comment that their horse seems more relaxed because of this very consistent schedule and ample turn-out time.

Boarding Group Turn-out Paddock Turn-out
Board Year-Round $650.00/month $700.00/month
Board Year-Round with weekly group Lesson $800.00/month $850.00/month
Board Month-to-Month $700.00/month $750.00/month

Board (Full Training) $1,300.00/month. Includes 20 mounted or unmounted sessions per month. Trainings may not be substituted for lessons
Pro-ride Flat $50.00/each
Pro-ride Jumping $60.00/each

Additional Services
Indoor Arena Turn-out/Exercise $25.00/each
Vet/Farrier Assistance $10.00

School Horse Lease/Rental
Full Lease $950.00/month (includes weekly group lesson)
Half Lease $650.00/month (includes weekly group lesson)
Rental for Away Shows $30.00/day (coaching fees are not included)
Hacking school horse $25.00

Coaching at Away Shows $75.00/show day
Coaching at Home Shows (on own horse) $30.00/show day
Coaching at Home Shows (on school horse) $50.00/show day

Lessons Each Six Week Session
Group Lesson (approx. 1 hr) $45.00 $240.00
Private (1/2 hr) $55.00 $300.00
Pony Lessons (20 min. for children under 6 yrs.) $30.00 $180.00
Semi-private (1/2 hr) $50.00 $270.00
Semi-private (45 min.) $55.00 $300.00

Lesson session rates are based on prepayment and weekly lesson commitment.

Credit will not be given for lessons canceled by students. Make-up lessons will be available whenever possible provided that:


Cancellation is made 24 hours prior to the missed lesson.


The lesson is made up within the six-week period. Make-ups are limited to two per session. If fewer than 5 lessons per session are taken, lessons are subject to the per lesson rate.