We offer a variety of training services ranging from starting youngsters from scratch to providing horses of all ages with show experience to putting finishing touches on already experienced show horses. Our trainers, Bailey Manning and Mary Jane Whitcomb have years of experience breaking and training horses. We put emphasis on treating each horse as an individual and encourage our riders to relate to their mounts in a way that brings out the very best in each horse. With our expert trainers and the assistance of our other capable riders, Biscuit Hill consistently turns out well-behaved, confident horses that know what is expected of them.

Our training philosophy is based on the principle that horses have individual personalities and ways of learning. A trainer must be able understand these differences and adapt training methods to suit the horse. This individualized approach to training, coupled with our generous turnout schedule, results in well-adjusted horses with generous attitudes. This philosophy is incorporated into all aspects of barn life including lessons, horse care and handling and the training of young horses. We evaluate each horse and rider on an individual level, understanding that each situation may require a different approach. The response by both horses and riders has been very positive.

Full training is offered at $1,300.00 per month this includes:

  • Daily mucking and bedding
  • Daily turn-out
  • 3 feedings per day
  • A minimum of 20 sessions per month. Sessions may include ground work, lunging or riding and will be determined by the needs of the particular horse. Sessions can not be substituted for lessons or other services.

We can also assist owners in marketing and selling horses sent to Biscuit Hill for training. Please contact us for more information.